Customer Testimonials


I am now blessed with peace of mind!!!  George and Sean were of
course great. I told George how wonderful you have been with me.

You are all a terrific team - thank you!! Stove burning beautifully tonight!

I'm happy and warm!!


Heartfelt Thanks

Dear George & Josh

Thank you so much for the wonderful work that you both did installing my stove.

Mo. Anna



Our new wood stove is going to save us a fortune in electric bills! It will also save us in the cost of firewood. This stove burns one log for hours and hours as opposed to our old stove that just ate up the wood. The installers were friendly, polite fellows we were happy to have in our home, just as nice as the folks in the store. You can bet when they have their spring chimney cleaning sale, Sechelt Fireplace and Gas Centre will be the ones we call to maintain our new heating system.
Laurel Ennis
Sandy Hook


Sechelt Fireplace, you’ve done it again!
Thank you so much for dropping off my rack. I would have gladly stopped by to pick it up in person.
Just an update. This insert is one of the finest products that I have included to my long list of renovations and a wonderful addition to my home.
I’ve followed instructions for lighting & burning and have all but heated the whole neighbourhood (my cat & dog will attest to the temperature with the panting and water consumption) over the weekend.
It is a marvellous product and your service has been outstanding!
Thank you all again. From a very happy and “hot” customer!


Laurel and I wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased we are with our new wood stove. While the stove is wonderful, the best part of the experience was dealing with your team.

You may not be aware that over a year ago I came into your store with some questions about how to install the stove’s hearth. The gentleman at the counter pulled out his code book and spent over an hour with me confirming what I needed to know to ensure our stone contractor did the job properly. During that conversation, he never concerned himself with selling me something, he was focused on ensuring I got what I needed, a sale was not his end game, establishing a relationship was.

When we decided to upgrade our wood stove, we received similar service from both you and your staff. Straight forward and honest advice with no pressure and providing exactly what was promised on time at a reasonable cost.

We did our homework and talked with your competitors far and wide and the final analysis for us was not the cost of your products or services, but the value of establishing a relationship with a great team of people that earned our business.

It’s refreshing to find a team dedicated to providing honest, old fashioned service that is truly dedicated to safety and customer satisfaction.


Laurel and Scott
Roberts Creek


Hi Sechelt Fireplace Team!

Thank you so very much for the wonderful job done by Josh and another wonderful gentleman! Josh also have me some tips about burning which I totally appreciated!
You did a perfect job of installing it last year – WOW!



Thank you so much for the great service and professionalism.

George and Josh were amazing.